Bathing Complex

Our bathing complex, which has a wonderful view of the garden, invites you to pause and relax. At 31 °C, the water temperature is perfect for undertaking supervised hydrogymnastics exercises or for a relaxed swim. The swimming pool has a large, integrated bench seat, a jet streamer and a dousing shower to provide a moderate massage to the neck area.

The bathing complex can be used free of charge by hotel guests.


For slowing down when life gets hectic. You can sit and sweat in our authentic Finnish timber sauna, which is adjacent to the swimming pool. The pleasant atmosphere in this timber sauna regardless of whether you choose the gentle spa option (50 °C) or the traditional steam bath (85 °C) complements and enhances the process of relaxation. Spending time in a sauna provides pleasant relaxation for body and mind. The muscles relax and the mind and body can unwind.

Hotel guests staying for at least three nights can use the sauna for free.

Affiliated Doctor and Spa Facility

We have an in-house spa medical practice with all the relevant diagnostic equipment (electrocardiography, laboratory etc.), as well as our own spa facility where medicinal baths, massages, Eifel mud packs, lymphaticdrainage, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, breathing exercises, gait training, reflexology, hydrogymnastics and physiotherapy can all be administered by trained therapists.

The cost of treatments can be covered either by a prescription from your medical insurer or by means of private billing.

We will gladly help to compile a programme of therapies for your on request, or you have the option of choosing one of our packages that includes therapies. Alternatively, you can come to Haus Klement for a precautionary course of treatment as an outpatient.

The costs for medical and therapeutic services carried out at Haus Klement are eligible for state aid.

Indications Catered for at Bad Neuenahr

    • Diabetes mellitus, gastrointestinal disorder, disease of the gall bladder, liver or kidneys (on-site dialysis);
    • Overweight and underweight patients, cardiovascular disorders;
    • Osteoporosis, arthritis, degenerative spinal and joint diseases, regeneration after acute illness or from being in a state of exhaustion.
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