The Ahr valley is an ancient cultivated landscape that has long been highly valued, even from as early on as Roman times (excavations in Ahrweiler include: Roman villa at Silberberg).

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The Ahrweiler region has many attractions to visit, such as the Maria Laach Abbey (12th century) by Lake Laach (a volcanic lake), the Marienthal monastery ruins that are now home to a vineyard estate, the Ahrweiler town fortifications, which date from the middle ages, the world-famous Nürburgring, Bad Neuenahrs elegant casino and a golf course. Above all else, the region boasts a well-maintained and well-signposted network comprising over 1000 km of walking paths, e.g. the Rotwein-Wanderweg (red wine walking route) along the slopes of the Ahr valley 35 km of pure countryside!